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Please, let me tell you something about our absolutely nonprofit association. We are located in the south part of the suburb of Budapest.

Our Club is privat and was founded by me in June of 1995. Our first club-meeting was in 1996. Unfortunately, the Club is not supported by the main or any other dealer notwithstanding my many-many attempt! The number of Lancias is growing step by step, but these are not new cars.We know the answer, why not... The number of clubmembers was more than 50 in the first year, but in nowadays it is fluctuating over 100. All of them have different LANCIA models. The entire association respects LANCIAs’ and DELTAs' abilities because of their reputation and victories all over the world. Unfortunately, these excellent cars are not too popular in Hungary, but more hundred Hungarian people drive different LANCIA models.We believe in a more successful future:Thesis, Nea, Nea-rally, new Y, new Fulvia... We are familiar with these cars, but we want to learn more about them. So we often organize meetings for LANCIA owners based on friendship contacts. There is no membership-fee yet and I think it will not be absolutely necessary. Now we are one of the ten well-known Hungarian markclubs.We would like to spread our technical-information, foreign relationships and we are trying to find cheaper way of buying new and second-hand spare-parts for the club-members. We intend to make LANCIAs and our Club well-known. Our endeavour is to take part non-stop in LANCIA meetings everywhere around Europe. It depends only on our financial position. The programme is: a show, tournaments, sight-seeing and chat about LANCIAs.

Mr. Lajos Kovacs Clubleader and inventor
Possibilities to reach us are:
address: HUNGARY / Szigetszentmiklós
phone: +36-20-4985892
web: and



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